BWYQ Level 4 Certificate in Teaching Yoga

The Level 4 Certificate is considered a ‘stepping stone’ to the Diploma. You will be expected to spend 290 hours completing this qualification, including 160 Guide Learning Hours.

It consists of 5 units, which are the first five units of the BWYQ Level 4 Diploma

Unit A1:Professional Responsibilities of a Yoga Teacher (20 Guided Learning Hours)

Unit A2:Basic Breathing and Relaxation (20 Guiled Learning Hours)

Unit A3:Preparing for Asana (30 Guided Learning Hours)

Unit B:Approaching Asana, Basic Breath Control and Relaxation (60 Guided Learning Hours)

Unit C:Effective Planning, Teaching, Assessment and Evaluation (30 Guided Learning Hours).

In addition, students are expected to have an understanding of anatomy and physiology at Level 3 as acquired through completion of the BWY Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology for Yoga Teachers online course (or equivalent).

The Certificate allows you to teach basic yoga principles. However, in order to teach pranayama, philosophy, meditation and more advanced asana, it is recommended that you do the full 7 units of the BWYQ Level 4 Diploma in Yoga Teaching. Having the certificate be a nested qualification allows learners to have a break in between completion of Unit C (which includes assessment of class teaching at basic level) and the start of Units D and E for the full Diploma (which includes assessment of class teaching incorporating pranayama, philosophy, meditation and more advance asana).


We loved the professionalism of the L4 certificate
so much that we then did the L4 diploma and the
L4 Gentle Years Yoga qualifications. 

These accredited qualifications are the gold
standard in training.
Paul and Steve Smith

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